2nd Access Point Sales Academy - Meet the team!

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2nd Access Point Sales Academy - Meet the Team!


One of the best things we gained from the last Access Point sales academy was the chance to get to know candidates before they entered the sales floor. With our new intake beginning their second week with Access Point we’ve already found some interesting things out about them and are looking forward to seeing what they can do when they hit the phones.


Access Point Sales Academy


Anna Farnhill – Anna has a degree in business however for the last several years has been working as an OFSTED approved self-employed child minder. Having run her own business and with a degree in it, we expect Anna to be able to bring a real sense of understanding to the role.


Andrew Robinson Andrew has been an assistant manager and team leader at two major retailers bringing fantastic customer service skills to the role. He impressed the team at interview with his attitude to team work and analytical mind.


Russell Murfin – Russell has an array of experience in an office environment, he has experience with sales and is confident in explaining business concepts to a range of individuals from all levels of a business. We’re looking forward to the academy showing him the Access Point way of doing things.


Helen Quartermaine Helen has a long history in working with children, she moved to Sharm El Sheik in 2009 where she taught in international schools. Access Point will certainly be a change of pace, but we’re sure her adaptable nature and self-starter attitude will be invaluable to the business.


Quinn Meivogel Quinn is a quirky American and by her own admission a bit of a Science geek! We’re looking forward to her showing off some of that passion and enthusiasm. Besides, quirky isn’t unusual at Access Point.


Katy Colton – Katy has 10 years’ experience in recruiting for the offshore oil and gas sector, but has decided it was time for a change of career and a new direction. We already know she has the sales experience to crack the job, but we want to see how her bubbly personality and drive to succeed can spur on our other new starters.


Lorna Harvey – Lorna has spent many years in the sales environment, she’s target driven and loves getting to know her clients. We love that attitude and more to the point she has many years’ experience as a wine salesperson for the restaurant and catering business which will no doubt come in handy at the next AP Christmas Party!


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