7 Qualities of an Access Pointer

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7 Qualities of an Access Pointer

 Access Point Core ValuesThe people who work at Access Point are true individuals, but there are some qualities we all share:

  1. We never ‘just’ do our jobs – Why would we limit ourselves like that? When an Access Pointer commits to something we go above and beyond, we’re not limited by our roles, we do what’s necessary to make sure something works. Whether that’s negotiating with local authorities for permits on a car park on behalf of our customers, or covering our team mates jobs - we are much more than our job titles.
  1. We’re eccentric – This won’t come as a surprise to anyone who follows us on social media but this isn’t exactly a normal office. From the CEO down Access Point staff are anything but average. Whether it’s Harry Potter theme days or playing rounders in the hall at lunch time, we love to make the most of our days in work; and of course give our clients a smile while we’re at it.
  1. We’re deadly serious – When it comes to dealing with work at any rate. If there’s an issue with a site or a deadline approaching we drop the bats, put down our ice creams and get to work like no one else… Of course this sometimes happens mid-party but nothing says dedication like an Account Manager dressed as Harry Potter, glued to their phone at 6.00pm on Friday!
  1. We cheer - Some places you can wait years for a pat on the back, some places you’d have to set yourself on fire to get any attention; but at Access Point we believe in credit where credit’s due. We love to see our team mates do well and insist (sometimes even when they don’t want us to) on letting them know. From ‘squeak the pig’ on landing their first sale (ringing a bell is so clichéd) to celebrating their 10 year work anniversary, we always know just what to do to say well done.
  1. We’re honest – If something’s not going to happen, we’ll tell you. If something’s brilliant, we’ll tell you. If you come in with odd shoes on, we’ll tell you (although we might wait until lunch!) At the end of the day, we want our customers and everyone we work with to know they can trust us and for us, that means we have to be honest all the time. Sometimes it’s hard, but most of the time it’s easier to know you can rely on us.
  1. We over deliver – Someone says it’s impossible, we tell them to step aside. We love to over deliver on our promises, not just to our customers but to each other as well. When we said we’d donate some advent calendars to our local foodbank, we ended up donating over 2 tons of food, hundreds of £’s too and providing them with 12 months free storage facilities.

“Starting with Christmas 2014 your staff provided us with an extra financial boost of almost £1,000 and the preparation of Christmas food parcels was of great assistance. You then provided us with continued support throughout 2015 with our warehousing requirements….and have saved us over £2,000.”  John Sulivan, Southport Foodbank

  1. We’re never satisfied – Had a great year? How can we have the best one ever? We know that as a company and as individuals there is always room to do better. This isn’t just us being awkward, we believe in helping one another reach our fullest potential, helping our clients do better, helping all of us to be a little bit better every day.



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