A Paperless Office

Posted By: Amanda Shaw - Tuesday, 21 April 2015  |  Comments: 0

As we continue with our commitment to Responsible Business Week, today we hear from Resource Director Amanda on our pledge to become a paperless office.....


Thankfully gone are the days when we are drowning in paperwork.

A majority of our processes are now completely computer generated and we have a tidy desk policy in place which discourages the build-up of paper and those pesky post-it notes!


Our CRM system lends itself to automatic processes which we are taking advantage of to make sure we have up to date information which is accessible. Outlook calendars are also being used more readily and people are relying on online reminders and reporting.


RBW binWe also recycle as much paper as we can which encourages people to think about whether we really need to keep hold of that piece of paper!  This is confidentially shredded and recycled by a local company free of charge.  On top of this we also encourage staff to recycle as many other items as possible including cardboard packaging, plastic and glass.  These are collected weekly by Sefton council.



We have done some research into the legality of emailing certain documentation rather than posting hard copies which has been a welcome relief to our HR manager, saving on time, paper and postage! 


A staff-only intranet system that houses many of our internal documents has also been implemented to save on the necessity to print.


Although the idea of a completely paperless office is probably stretching things (people do get attached to post-it notes!) I definitely think we are heading in the right direction.


 Filing has been limited to only a few shelves!





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