AP Family Day Out - Go Kart Challenge

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mario   AP Family Day Out - Go Kart Challenge

I sat in the bosses office and the message was loud and clear. “Throw something together. Something where we can all get involved, partners and kids as well” he said. So off I went with the mission in mind.


David had suggested go-karting and I laughed, “We are ladies” I said, “We wear pretty dresses, make-up and heels and like to drink Prosecco!” “Yes, but what about the men” he said…..hmmmmm!


So, I began the search and there it was ’Racing Grand Prix Style’ - 5 lap qualifiers, a 10 lap race and a 15 lap final for the fastest. The invites went out, news spread fast, the team got competitive and the bets were on for who would come first.


Thirty-one of us raced. Some thought we were at the dodgems; some took it slow and steady as if they were driving a new Bentley and some even went backwards! Just the one needed a push up the hill but all in all it was a fantastic race, the adrenalin was in full flow and everyone was having a great time.


jenny kart

My team were first back on after the qualifier. Great we thought, we must be really good…turns out we were the slowest!  The rest followed accordingly but we won’t talk about their glory ;-)


Time for the final race, this time it was for the fastest people.  The boys were ready, chests out and showing their macho-ness….or something like that anyway!!


The competition was on; this was the moment we have all been waiting for (apparently!)  This was to be a mad, tough race but Dom and Jay were determined, they were invincible….it’s amazing what people will do for £10!!



     Jenny with her kart




They raced and they raced and raced, it was a close call but Dom beat Jay to the finish and there it was, the bet was lost, we had our boy wonder “Dominic Ford” and Jay reluctantly handed over his tenner.




 Race Winner - Dom gets his £10 from 2nd place Jay 


Once the race was over we all got to see our placing and I haven’t stopped laughing at mine! We gave each other a pat on the back for a job well done and of course take the mick out of each other where necessary….a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon!



fast race results     middle race results    slow race results

Fast Race, Middle Race and Slow Race Results 


Evening came and it was time to leave the children with the babysitters, ditch the Eau de Diesel for the more manly after shave (for the men!) and for the girls to finally get their glad rags on and go to dinner and party into the wee small hours….Access Point Styleeee!!


kart dinner

Dinner and drinks at Auberge to end a fantastic day 



I hear some can’t remember what time they got in so a good day was had by all…..I think ha ha!!





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