Access Point Academy - Meet the Team

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Access Point Academy - Meet the Team


Access Point Core ValuesWe’re halfway through our first week with Access Point’s new sales academy and our new trainees are busy learning all the skills needed to make them Access Point’s latest and greatest sales people. One part of the attraction of the sales academy over more traditional recruitment methods was that it allowed us to get to know the candidates first and find out whether they shared Access Point’s core values. We were less concerned with their experience and more concerned with their potential. As such we’ve had diverse set of candidates and thought it was the perfect time to introduce them.


Adam Finlay – Adam has most recently been temping at HM Passport Office as a contact centre agent, but is also studying for a BSc in Economics and Mathematical Science with the Open University. We love his entrepreneurial spirit and want him to bring that to the business.


Daniel Horne – Daniel has most recently been Assistant Manager of a restaurant and pub. He loves sports and has played football, cricket and basketball at a range of levels including Blackburn Rovers Football Academy. Pubs and restaurants are one of our key industries, but we appreciated the dedication and passion it takes to play sports at those levels too – if he can bring that to the team as well as the pitch he’s sure to succeed.


Emily Smith – Emily has formerly been a Brand Specialist and Personal Shopper for Outfit; brands and retail are at the centre of everything we do at Access Point so to have a new perspective of that from the shop floor is a huge advantage. Most of all Emily is an individual and as one of our core values how could we say no?


Access Point Academy

Phil Hunter – Phil was previously working in a wine bar, however he also has a National Diploma in Performing Arts from the Tiffany Theatre College. The confidence, creativity and spark it takes to act are some of the same traits it takes to be a great sales person; he already has the elements, what we want to do is teach him the skills.


Our final two candidates; Tom Wearing and Marc Murray, are slightly different to the rest. Tom has a range of experience in B2B sales, while Marc has been with the Till Receipt sales team for several weeks before joining the academy. We already know they have the skills and they can do the job; we want to hone those skills and give them the best resources, training and support we possibly can.


The reason I was excited to be involved in the Academy is that it’s true sales training, which is very rare in most companies. I think it’s wonderful to give the team a month to really get to know the job and practice the skills. I was delighted the ISMM (Institute of Sales and Marketing Management) saw that too and have given such high praise for the course. As Thomas J. Watson said: ‘nothing happens in business until something is sold’ that’s always been true and shows why it’s so good to see Access Point invest in their best asset, their team.


Chris Dawson, Director 6thDoor Ltd - Creator of the Access Point Academy training course


It’s an exciting time at Access Point and the team are only just beginning to get to know the family, but we expect great things to come and are already looking forward to catching up with them on graduation day.


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