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At Access Point we're committed to making work all we can...

That's why we have committees, one for a staff shop, one for staff games, one for the gym, if there's anything the people who work here want, they get together and make it happen. That's why a year and a half ago, when it became apparent that Access Point were keen to get involved with raising money for charity we decided to do it properly, and set up a team.


So far we have participated in 6 local and national fundraising days since September 2013, and collectively have raised £5,587. It makes you so proud to work for a company who are willing to get involved and help those who cannot help themselves. A breakdown of charities we have helped so far;



Running the Wigan 10k for Joining Jack

We had a group fundraising target of £2500, but expected to smash it! Access Point donated the entrance fee for each runner and provided personalised Joining Jack branded t-shirts or vests for the runners to wear on the day. There was a real mix in age and ability and expected finishing times ranged from 45 minutes to 2 hours. The times really didn’t matter; it’s all about Jack and what we can do to raise much needed funds to aid the research that will hopefully find the cause to the awful and so far incurable condition that is DMD.

For this we managed to raise a huge £3,570 for such an amazing charity. We never in a million years expected to raise this amount of funds for the charity, but made all of the hard work from Access Point, worth it in the end.


'Back 2 Skool' for Children in Need

For Children In Need 2013 Access Point hosted a 'Back 2 Skool' fundraising day. The team were asked to dress up in school uniforms and make a donation to Children In Need. Through dressing up, and a cake sale we managed to raise £203. Our directors David and Jeanette were so impressed they decided to match the fund and we gave Children in Need £406


Marie Curie 

In memory of the father of one of our account managers, we held a fundraising day on behalf of Marie Curie. The team were asked to dress up in yellow and make a donation to Marie Curie Cancer Care and a raffle was also organised with prizes donated by the team. The day was such a success and we managed to donate £270 to Marie Curie, you could really feel the friendship and care in the office on that day as it was something so close to people’s hearts. 


Jeans for Genes

The Jeans for Gene’s charity raises money to care and support those children who are born with genetic disorders, something which affects a shocking 1 in 25 children in the UK. After reading how much it costs just to buy one child basic machinery to save their lives we decided that we should definitely raise some money to help. On the day we held a cake sale, we played various games throughout the day, all jeans related.  The first, a three legged race (legs tied together by jeans) and later a jean related quiz which got very competitive. We completed the day with a catwalk for the best dressed, Richard was unanimously the winner with his triple denim. A total of £210 was raised, giving us reassurance that we had definitely helped a least one of the children in a big way.


Southport Food Banks

Trussell Trust food banks rely on in-date non-perishable food donations to feed local people in crisis. After joining in with this local fundraising event, not only did we donate an unbelievable amount of food to those who need it, but we also managed to raise a massive £920 also. To see how grateful the trusts were when the cheque was given to them, made the whole office beam with pride. It’s such a good feeling when you know you are helping people in your own community.


Comic Relief

On Friday 13th March we held another hugely successful charity event here at Access Point. This year’s theme ‘make your face funny for money’ proved to be very popular amongst the office; with the everything from the team dressing as clowns, dogs and bunnies; to our very own MD David letting us dye his hair and eyebrows bright purple if we raised £100 before the day….of course we went all out to do this! Through a few games, donations and a cake sale we managed to raise £211, it was great watching the show that Friday night, to know that we had helped in our own way.


"I am so excited to plan our next charity day here at the new offices. If this is what we can raise in a year and a half, it’s amazing to know where we can get to in another year and a half. I have a few tricks up my sleeve for fundraising days, so watch this space."


Jennie Keen
Charity Committee Chairperson


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