Access Point Commercialisation

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Presenting Access Point Commercialisation


Access Point Commercialisation

Over the years Shopping Centres have always been on the other side of the coin for us at Access Point. As specialists in retail promotions we have worked on behalf of retailers to go to the market, source high quality, non-competing third-party companies to utilise baggy space that they have made available.


Often we have been asked by our promoters if we can help them with venues that didn’t fall into our retailer portfolio, venues such as shopping centres, shows and exhibitions. This grew and became so popular we had to set up our own internal team, headed by Lesley, to manage this and source great venues for our customers.


It has been noticeable that over the past five years or so commercialisation revenue has become very important to shopping centres and in our opinion not always helped and managed by agencies as well as it could have been. The disciplines that are required when working with retailers, such as brand protection, reporting and empathetic promoters are missing and shopping centres are being short changed.


After a long courtship with some fantastic shopping centres it is now our hope to commit to a more exclusive relationship and over the coming months we hope to be able to tie a few knots! Exciting times for us, transferring across our retail experience and bringing across our 15,000 or so promoters we have worked with over the years to new venues.


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