Access Point completes building work in Vietnam

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Access Point have completed building in Vietnam


The final pipe has been laid, the last brick in place, and the karaoke sung (not even joking). Access Point has successfully completed the building work on a new washroom block for a kindergarten in rural Mai Chua.


If you’ve not been following up to now… then why haven’t you!? Access Point has been embarking on the team building trip of a lifetime. We have sent 9 lucky Access Pointers led by our CEO David Robertshaw to Vietnam, to explore this fantastic country and help a poor community, in a rural area well off the beaten track for the tourist trade.


Andy busy at work Access Point VietnamThe Finishing touches Access Point


Today they have finished their fantastic project with the community of Mai Chua. World Expeditions, the company who we travelled with live by the motto: take only photographs and leave only footprints, but I think we’ve done better than that. Today we have left a building behind that will serve this community for generations to come; and a plaque so they can remember that they have friends on the other side of the world.


Mai Chua pic from team Acccess Point


To celebrate the completion of the building the team were invited to the community house last night to listen to songs about Ho Chi Minh. In possibly the most bizarre cultural exchange I’ve ever heard of, our own Jennie Keen was dragged up by the villagers to sing her own rendition of ‘My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard’, truly a meeting of great cultures. The villagers seemed delighted by it though and it was all smiles and handshakes when they left. We’re going to assume that wasn’t just because they were leaving.

Saying goodbye to Mai Chua Access Point

So now the team is off on the next step of their adventure travelling through Ninh Binh on their way to the indescribable Ha Long Bay, a cathedral in nature, where between limestone pillars rising from the sea they will explore caves, night fish and spend a night on the bay. Then it’s back to Hanoi, before their flight home.


We’re all missing them here and can’t wait for them to get back, but the entire team has loved hearing about their adventures so far and are filled with pride to see what they’ve achieved.


And let’s face it… Video of Jennie singing would have made it all worthwhile! If you want to see the video, you’ll have to ask her when she gets back next week!



Click here to see more about the trip


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