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Christmas often brings out the best in people, but one local business recently went just that little bit further for us. 


Access Point is a local marketing company which decided to motivate their sales team with a slightly different objective over the festive period.


Their sales staff were set a competition to see who could raise the most for the local foodbank service, which meant the real winner was us!


The naturally competitive spirit of their sales staff tinged with that "festive feeling" meant "Operation Christmas Dinner", as they christened the contest, turned into a banquet of a ton and a quarter of food donated. Crucially they also raised much needed funds of £920.*


So, if you see people in the current cold snap sans overcoat but with a little heat haze protecting them, it's nothing at all to do with a certain well known porridge, that'll be Access Point staff carrying the warm glow of satisfaction in not only a good job, well done but also a job well done that will do much good.  


On behalf of our clients, thanks guys.