Andy's Highlights of Vietnam

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Andy's Highlights of Vietnam


Access Point Andy busy at work

Vietnam what a fantastic journey I had, lots of highlights… as Amanda says you could write a book ;)

Being a cautious flyer who`d only travelled as far as the canary islands the flight to Vietnam was a mental hurdle for me. On the first plane Amanda kindly swapped seats,  which meant I sat next to Dom and bad influence Sharrona… the 7 hour flight flew by…



After a pit-stop in Doha airport, a further 6 hour flight followed by a 1 hour wait on the plane on the Bangkok airport runway, and a final 1 hour 20 min flight we arrived in Hanoi… phew, yippee, good afternoon Vietnam… This was the first of many great moments.



So much to take in on the bus heading for first night hotel, Nam who turned out to be a wonderful guide had accused David of being my father oh how we laughed so dad (David) had a new name for the rest of the trip… hahaha… then the smells good and bad, the friendly people, a puppet show, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (for some), a drink or three and a meal… The next day a visit to the museum of Ethnology and games with the local students in the grounds… followed by a tuk-tuk ride around the city (great fun)…making and eating spring rolls in a locals house and visiting Ho Chi Minh Palace. Then it was time for a quick wash and brush before a night on the town!

 Access Point David and Andy

Bus trip:

A little hung-over and facing a four hour trip to the homestay the entertainment committee (Dom and Jennie) produced the card game Uno,  a very competitive, incredibly hilarious and unforgettable game began... in which Dominic failed to win a single hand… cheating was rife. I can honestly say I will never forget the day on a bus to Mai Chau.



I think all of us were very happy with accommodation and keen to make a start on the project, but first we had a free afternoon and a mountain bike ride through the valley planned… dad didn’t want to wear his helmet but Nam insisted… ha… huge highlight for me being a keen cyclist… hot afternoon… glorious views, and a cold beer at the end…



Team Access Point came together and worked their socks off, during a very hot and humid day. We dug, mixed cement,  passed the brick, sweated, but by the end of it had impressed the local builders and Nam… all in bed at 9pm…

We finished the build ahead of time handed it over to the village elder and Jennie Keen gave them a song… but you'll have to wait for her blog to hear more about that!


Access Point Vietnam worksite

Ninh Binh, Halong bay and beyond:

Karaoke, song writing,  boat trips, plastic spiders, smoking, a lost wallet, the world according to Jennie, dad`s disease, kayaking, restaurants with no food, dogs with no heads, hotels with 700 rooms, bugs, bites, mopeds, a swimming pool, French fries cooked in garlic and cocktails on a Friday afternoon,  a found wallet, cheese jam and egg sandwich, serenading, sticky rice, pig legs, camel cows and more!


What you get is a working holiday I will never ever forget!!!


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