Arctic Adventures - A Year Since Kiruna Part 1

Posted By: Jacquie Sim - Tuesday, 3 February 2015  |  Comments: 0

It's been a whole year since our management team flew to Sweden's frozen wilderness.  To celebrate our Arctic Adventures we've asked the team for their lasting memories and what they learned from the experience...




david The main purpose behind the Senior Team Away Days was to create a situation whereby the whole of the Senior Team would be pitched together, to see how they would bond and to see how they would operate as a group under extreme circumstances. There was also the added benefit of being able to thank the ST for outstanding work over the previous 12 months and this went some way to giving something back that will stay with you for the rest of your lives.


I believe that we ticked all of the boxes and the team worked together fantastically well. Everybody moved themselves out of their comfort zone and undertook tasks that they would not normally dream of doing. The company has benefitted immensely and even though it is difficult to quantify I believe the fact that we are on course for another record year speaks volumes and shows the benefits that we all received from doing this activity.


As you know, after the success of Sweden I am now planning the next Access Point adventure!




adam fishingFor me it was the first time I had experienced anything like that and if I am honest it only really sunk in how amazing the experience was, months later when I kept remembering bits.


From ice fishing to snow angels to sleeping in an igloo and hearing Caroline swear for the first time I have some of the best memories since I have been at Access Point.


It also gave me the perfect excuse to grow a beard for the first time!




julesI can’t believe it has nearly been a year since we went on our trip to Kiruna in the Arctic Circle.


It was a fabulous experience, spent pushing myself to do things I never thought I would do, getting to know my lovely work colleagues and myself much better, enabling me to feel more integrated within the team.


Looking back I think I have taken a lot from the experience –

  • I feel more secure and confident, and I am happier to give my opinion whether it be positive or not and I know that I will be listened to and that my opinion is appreciated.
  • Team camaraderie and friendship. Although I have worked here for nearly 13 years I feel that I learnt more in the week away about my colleagues than I had previously and that they also know me better, this has continued since coming back and I feel a much happier person.
  • I have also learnt to ‘Just go for it’, that it’s ok to be scared but the feeling once you have accomplished a fearful task far outweighs the fear itself.


Hear from Dale, Amanda and Jacquie tomorrow...


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