Arctic Adventures - A Year Since Kiruna Part 2

Posted By: Jacquie Sim - Thursday, 5 February 2015  |  Comments: 0

It's been a whole year since our management team flew to Sweden's frozen wilderness.  To celebrate our Arctic Adventures we've asked the team for their lasting memories and what they learned from the experience...





It seems like a long time ago now but the amazing memories will stay with me forever.


Amongst my favourites are my ability to stay upright on the sled, well for most of the time anyway!  The way everybody encouraged each other – nobody was made to feel inferior.  I think I have learned that I am capable of more than I think.


Ice fishing, eating reindeer, moose and rotting fish, sleeping in an igloo, dog sledding.  Never in a million years did I think I would be doing any of those things. 


What a great bunch of people I work with – to share this experience with them has provided a bond between us that we will always have.





It’s been nearly a year since our trip to Kiruna but it’s still very fresh in my head; it seems like it was only last month! 


I constantly think back to everything we did, to the minute we landed being thrown into the deep end straight away on the sleds, picking up poo; to crashing a snowmobile!! Jacq and I felt the need for speed!!  


I’ve also been made to promise that I take my wife there for her 40th birthday so she can experience what I did!


A year on and it has certainly helped me bond more with my colleagues, to push myself more and also seeing Gaynor move to Sweden to such a simple way of life shows that some things in life are more important!





Our trip to Sweden was an adventure I’ll never forget. The purpose of the trip was to take us out of our comfort zones and to bond us together as a team; both we’re most definitely achieved.


My first experience of ‘proper’ snow was not as scary as I’d spent months anticipating. Neither was a life without my usual creature comforts heels, straighteners & wifi….but the hat hair did need some work!


It was without a doubt the most fabulous experience. Sweden is a beautiful country with fantastic scenery and I loved the adrenaline of the dog-sledding and snowmobiling through the winding forests and across frozen lakes.


Those few days isolated together really showed us what we can accomplish as a team and knowing each other better has grown our team spirit even further; the allowances you can make for each other and the strength you can gain from working together. What I loved most was the shared memories it’s given us, ice fishing, wood chopping, igloo sleeping and lots and lots of laughing….and I am still hoping for a sauna in our new building!  


I’ve always known we were a family but our Sweden adventure solidified that feeling further and I can’t wait for our next family outing!!



Hear from Jeanette, Caroline and Claire tomorrow...



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