Arctic Adventures - A Year Since Kiruna Part 3

Posted By: Jacquie Sim - Friday, 6 February 2015  |  Comments: 0

It's been a whole year since our management team flew to Sweden's frozen wilderness.  To celebrate our Arctic Adventures we've asked the team for their lasting memories and what they learned from the experience...



The final installment from Jeanette, Caroline and Claire.




I can’t believe that it’s been a year since our arctic adventure!


It doesn’t seem like two minutes since I was trying to do some balance training in the gym before we went because I was convinced I’d fall off that sled. Looking back at all the photos this week has evoked some powerful memories and emotions.


What a fantastic week that was! I would go back and do it again in a shot and as I was dreading it, that says a lot. I feel as though I have benefited personally as I feel braver and ready for challenges that will take me outside my comfort zone. I’m due to go in a fighter pilot plane this year to experience the thrills and spills of looping the loop. I’m well up for that despite being scared of heights.


It’s been interesting watching how my fellow adventurers have grown in confidence since our trip, both with their own teams and within our senior team. They express their views more readily and are not afraid to voice objections. The trip certainly brought us closer together and helped us to focus on common goals.


I’m really looking forward to what the next team make of their expedition!





I was challenged beyond anything I have done before and anything I could imagine doing. It was definitely a once in a lifetime thing. I felt as though I had achieved something massive once I came back and thought about it.


I felt as though I bonded with the senior team way more than I had ever done before and found out some of the true personalities of the people that I work with and hopefully they learned a bit more about me - this is bound to have benefited the Access Point business.


I also remember some of the other highlights: Fishing on the frozen lake, listening to Adam winding me up all the time we were there in the freezing cold! My first ever Arctic Roll, the cosy cabin after a long trip with the doggies, Bono waiting outside the sauna for us to come out, the ride on the snow mobile, the peace and silence of the snow when sledding on the frozen lake and Gaynor's patience and wonderful hospitality.


Most of all it made me realise that in life you can't gain anything unless you are willing to face up to fears and challenges. It's what makes life interesting.





It only seems like yesterday I was cleaning frozen dog poo up....I got given the best job!!


It was one of the most amazing/tough/self-testing/enjoyable experiences of my life. 


I have to admit I was extremely nervous about the trip as I didn’t know what to expect and questioned would I be able to cope under pressure in such extreme circumstances with my colleagues? Would I be able to keep my cool and play my part?


When we got picked up at the airport by a team of dogs I did wonder 'how the hell am I going to do this!?'  As it turns out our wilderness lodge was a lot nicer than a lot of hotels that I have stayed in and the food was much better than I expected! 


The dog aspect of trip really did it for me, being out in the wilderness in the freezing temperatures with my team of dogs whizzing in front and in a convoy with my colleagues was bliss.  You really did get a sense of achievement when you were putting your dogs to bed for the night and we all sat around the fire and recapped the days events. I remember thinking 'yes, I survived and we are all still smiling!'






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