Access Point Sales Academy - rock climbing, rounders and a whole lot of learning!

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Access Point Sales Academy - rock climbing, rounders and a whole lot of learning!


How do people usually spend their first month in a new job? Working out what it is they’re doing? Getting used to a new culture and environment? Looking for the supply cupboard?


We didn’t really like the sound of that. So with the first batch of Access Point Sales Academy graduates now busy chasing their first deals on the sales floor, we thought it was the perfect time to look back and see how we do things a little differently.


It was important for us that the trainees really understood Access Point; how we were different and where we had come from, as well as gaining a deeper understanding of how the business works and why companies advertise in the first place.


The first week was a crash course for the new recruits in Access Point from 1997 to the present day and in how they will benefit the companies who work with us.  By the end of it they were due for a bit of relaxation in a nice, chilled-out, stress-free we took them rock climbing where they promptly began to compete with each other.  Despite a few near death experiences (mostly for Claire!), by the end of it all the team were beginning to bond and see what it meant to be part of Access Point.


  Access Point - Sales Academy    Access Point - Sales Academy    Access Point - Sales Academy


The second week of the academy was full of landmarks for the team, first and foremost, their first ever sales call. It was simply and eloquently described by one candidate as “shocking”.  They promptly forgot everything they had been taught for the last week and a half!  All agreed it was still a lot better than some awkward role play in the office and most importantly they lost the fear.  Their next big challenge came on Friday when they had to complete a pass / fail test as part of their ISMM qualification.  After the whole team passed with flying colours, it was time for their inaugural game of 'Access Point Rounders'.


Access Point - Team Bonding

Access Point Rounders is distinguished from normal Rounders, by being played in a solid marble foyer with a near total absence of rules.


Weeks three and four were all about the importance of data, the role of marketing and building a logical argument for potential clients.  There was also plenty of time logged on the phones and a running competition for who would top the call board each day. Their biggest test was still to come, with a final exam for the ISMM and an 'Apprentice' style meeting with managers in the board room to see whether they would go on to join the full sales team.


Finally the successful candidates made it all the way to graduation day. We decided that there had been quite enough excitement for fresh faced trainees by this point, so we shoved their certificates into their hands, dropped them in their chairs and started immediately monitoring how many minutes a day they were taking toilet breaks when they should be on the phone(!)


But really that just wasn’t us, so we went with a full graduation ceremony Access Point style!


Access Point - Sales Academy


We started in the remaining former courtroom in our offices with a few short speeches from our CEO David Robertshaw and the creator of the academy course, Chris Dawson of 6th Door Training.  All of the candidates were presented with their certificates along with a specially prepared graduation T-Shirt with their company avatar on it and their official ‘Access Point Passport’.  Once they were formally welcomed to the company with much cheering and clapping they were lead through to the foyer for nibbles and fizz.


After that they were (by now much less formally) welcomed onto the sales floor with a guard of honour that nearly resulted in the loss of an eye for trainer Chris!





Successfully completing the Sales Academy course is just the first step on a long journey to becoming successful Account Managers; however we know we have already given them the best start we possibly could.



“My initial thoughts of having 4 weeks of training was “That’s a bit excessive” for a sales job. But having lived the academy for 4 weeks, it is clear to see it is a totally different way of selling, using honesty and integrity to live the Access Point Core Values. Anyone who is lucky enough to get through to the academy, just take it all in, listen to Chris and the AP staff because their wealth of knowledge is invaluable and bring your personality to it, because people buy from people.”

Tom Wearing - First Access Point Sales Academy




Access Point - Sales Academy

Four new recruits celebrating their graduation from the sales academy. Tom Wearing, Phil Hunter, our sales trainer Chris Dawson from 6th Door Training, Adam Finlay and Marc Murray.




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