Countdown To Vietnam - Amanda

Posted By: Amanda Shaw - Thursday, 27 August 2015  |  Comments: 0

As the countdown begins, preparations for the team adventure to Vietnam are underway.


Today we hear from Resource Director Amanda...


Amanda Preparations for Vietnam! I have started a bit of packing and preparation while trying not to get too excited as there are still just over 3 weeks to go.


I have been a brave girl and had my jabs without any fuss (quite disappointed I didn’t get a sticker or a sweet afterwards – must be the NHS cuts!)


I have also been gathering up and adding to my collection of anti mosquito creams, lotions, potions and pills.  I’ve even bought a hat which is impregnated with anti mosquito witcherygoobery and a big rucksack to put it all in of course (in Access Point purple!)


I am mostly looking forward to everything about the trip. The flight (yes even the long flight!), experiencing the Vietnam culture, the project itself, meeting the children, spending quality time with my colleagues...there does need to be less talk of bird eating spiders though, not a fan of those!!


This will indeed be an experience of a lifetime, one which I am sure will stay with us forever. The chance to do something so worthwhile is certainly one to be cherished.



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