Countdown To Vietnam - Dom

Posted By: Dom Ford - Thursday, 20 August 2015  |  Comments: 0

As the countdown begins, preparations for the team adventure to Vietnam are underway.



Today we hear from Co-Op account manager Dom...




I’m thoroughly excited to go, although I’ll miss my girlfriend lots!


I’m mostly looking forward seeing all the little kiddies faces once the project is completed and I plan to sneak a few treats such as small toys and pencils for them in my suitcase.


I’ve had injections ready for travel, unfortunately they made me really ill for a couple of days but I believe I was the only one to have a bad reaction, typical! Other than that I have nothing sorted! I am on the hunt for a warm weather sleeping bag and suitable clothing for the high temperature and humidity.


When I finished school (shortly before joining Access Point) I worked for the summer as a roofer, so I’ll hopefully have a bit of experience that I can put to good use. I’m also looking forward to gaining some new skills, particularly tiling and bricklaying.


I’m particularly excited for the down-time activities such as kayaking and squid fishing, as well experiencing the food and fantastic Vietnamese culture; as it’s probably somewhere I’d never get chance to visit without this trip


Click here to learn more about the Vietnam adventure


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