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Silent Night, Holy Night…… well, apart from the axe wielding Santa!


Even with all this rain we are still managing to enjoy the last of the summer sun, so the idea of Christmas seems a long way off; but here at Access Point things have been getting rather festive….for all the wrong reason.


After being approached earlier in the year by Stuart Bedford, Stu Jopia and Gio Gentile from Two-Headed Snake Entertainment Ltd, we agreed to allow them access to the Old Courthouse to film a short location written indie horror with a Christmas theme.


After months of collaboration filming finally got underway on the August Bank Holiday. Court One has been transformed into a homeless refuge, complete with Christmas decorations, makeshift beds and a rather dubious looking washing line.


“Good Tidings”, a short film directed by Stuart Bedford, centres around a group of homeless people who upon finding the court building abandoned setup a temporary shelter. Unbeknownst to them, three axe wielding escaped lunatics dressed in Santa costumes are set to make it a Christmas they will never forget.


To follow more of the films progress you can catch up with the Directors blog on:







Behind the scenes photos


Good Tidings Film

Alan Mulhall as Sam.


Good Tidings Film

Stu Jopia, Gio Gentile, Liam Ashcroft, as Larry, Curly and Moe.


Good Tidings Filmg

Director Stuart Bedford with main cast, Alan Mulhall, Garry McMahon, Claire Bryan, and Director of Photography Shane De Almeida during rehearsals.


Good Tidings Film

Shane De Almeida and film crew



Please contact us for more information on hiring the Old Courthouse for filming etc



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