Access Point Sales Academy - Graduate Catch Up

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Access Point Sales Academy - Graduate Catch Up


With our new intake entering their third week in the sales academy, we’ve asked our inaugural graduates to give them an insight into how they found the course and how it feels to be a fully-fledged member of Team AP. 


Access Point - Sales Academy - TomTom

I was really made up when after the assessment day, I received the call that I had made it onto the sales academy, from that point onwards I was looking forward to starting at Access Point.



Coming from a sales background, when I learnt about the 4 weeks training I thought that it seemed a bit excessive but after the first couple of days I knew there was a lot to learn, not only about sales but the core values that everyone lives by at Access Point.


Whilst on the academy, the team really looked after us; everyone made us feel welcome and already part of the team.


On the second week we were treated to rock climbing at the YMCA, for me that was a great way for us get to know everyone better; also, rock climbing was brilliant!!


Soon after that, we had the halfway test. Everyone knew that it was a pass fail course which added pressure on all of our shoulders. Chris (our trainer) just reminded us that we had all got this far already, just remember the training and you will be fine.  Of course he was right and we all passed at that point.


The following 2 weeks passed quite quickly after that. I felt we were taking loads of information in, once on the phones the time flew by, putting what we had learnt into practice. Making up to 3 hours calls a day was a mammoth task but we all achieved it.


On the final day of the academy...Judgement Day!! What started as 6 was down to 5 and we didn’t know how the final exams were going to go, I knew I couldn’t have revised anymore so it was now or never. We had the nervous wait to find out the results, I was genuinely nervous because after 4 weeks I didn’t want to fall at the last hurdle but upon hearing that I had passed, it really made it all worthwhile.


On graduation day again, Access Point made us feel very welcome. It was very embarrassing being paraded into the old court room in front of the whole team but I really did feel gratified over the whole experience, knowing that the real hard work starts now.


Being on the sales floor for the first time was a daunting experience but I knew we had the best training possible to succeed and be the best sales person I could be.


After the first sale, the most embarrassing was going on the mezzanine floor to 'squeeze the pig' in front of the whole office! Embarrassing, yet you know that this is going to be the first of many; and it was! I managed to be top sales person in my first sales period by 0.4%, which was a great feeling!!!!


If I have any advice for the sales academy recruits it's bring yourself to the table, people buy from people so they will buy your personality first. Listen to everything you are told and put it into practice, but most of all, have fun and make the most of all the top class training.



Access Point - Sales Academy - MarcMarc


I initially joined Access Point in October 2015. It was a very big change for me to be working in an office environment as I had never done this before.

When I first arrived I was very nervous but every single person in the Access Point team was very welcoming and helpful and from the off I felt comfortable with everybody.


In my first couple of weeks I really started to see myself progress and when I got my first deal I was so happy because it was weight off my shoulders. I felt like I could do it. Unfortunately after this I fell ill with appendicitis so I was off for nearly a month. When I got back I was struggling to get back into my rhythm and I felt like all the progress I made was ruined. After a week Dale and Adam pulled me aside and offered me the opportunity to go into the Sales Academy. I was delighted when I heard this and I accepted and said I would give my all. My initial thoughts were about the academy were ones of excitement. I had an advantage over the new guys that I knew everyone in the office and they knew me. As a result I felt like I could help the new guys settle in and try and answer anything questions they had.


When the academy began everyone settled in very well. During the first week we were given an insight in Access Point past and present and how the business has grown over the last 19 years. This was very interesting. We were introduced to Chris the trainer, who was fantastic and supportive all the way through the process.  My best moment in the academy was learning the psychology behind selling. This was fascinating and gave us a real insight into how to sell.


When we came to the end we were down to four and we were all very happy to have passed the course. From my experience I knew that the Access Points team would have something up their sleeve for us, so we were waiting in the foyer before the graduation ceremony and all of a sudden a huge noised began from the courtroom we were going into. The other graduates look terrified so because I was predicting something was happen, I said I would go first. I walked into the team banging the tables and cheering us on. It was a great feeling, embarrassing but really good.


Coming back on to the sales floor was great, by that time not only myself but all the graduates felt right at home. It suddenly felt very real again! We came straight in and got to work and I felt like had never left. The sales floor is very different from the academy; it's very intense but very enjoyable. We were very well prepared for coming on the sales floor so I think all of us felt very comfortable and ready to get going.


Since leaving the academy I have hit my KPI and brought over three thousand pounds, this was a huge improvement on what I was doing before going into the academy. I found the academy a great experience and we also all came out with a recognised ISMM qualification in sales.


I would recommend the academy to anyone who has an interest in sales and my advice to the new recruits would be to be yourself and don’t be afraid to get involved. Bringing your personality to selling will help you because as we were told in the academy, people buy from people.   



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