Green Office Week

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Green Office Week


Just in time for the end of Green Office Week 2015, here at Access Point we’ve been thinking about our role in the environment and in particular, about recycling. 


We’ve spoken before about our plans for a paperless office and about reducing waste wherever we can but sometimes we can forget that being green is about more than just reducing, sometimes it’s about reusing, reinventing and renewing.


For us we only have to look around to see what that means. Last year we took over The Old Courthouse, it was empty, run down and generally looking a bit sorry for itself. Today it’s a vibrant space again, filled with people who are passionate about their work. Our directors saw an old building that was unused, unloved and filled with dust but realised what it could be.


No one understands this better than one of the newest members of our team Andy Robertshaw, our building manager. It’s been his job to get the building cleared out and in shape. Where some would have seen broken down old furniture to chuck on the skip, he saw an opportunity to reduce waste, reduce our environmental impact and give our furniture as much character as our and employees!


From grills to pews to the judges desk, he’s repurposed and renovated more and more of the unused materials into furniture for practical use in our new space, it would be a crime to waste what we’ve already got here after all. Now he’s looking even further and repurposing our roof into a new terrace garden, complete with pergola, grass and soon enough plants and flowers….not to mention a bar; we do love to party after all!


meeting room benches     furniture 1    furniture 2

The benches in our meeting room benches have been repurposed from the old courtroom furniture, the entrance table is built from old doors and the coffee table in the director's office has been remodelled.


About Green Office Week

The first Green Office Week was launched in 2009, in response to research showing that UK employees felt they were being held back from being environmentally friendly at work because of a lack of empowerment and facilities.  The week set out to ‘champion change’ by raising awareness of the issues workers identified as holding them back from environmentally friendly working.

Since 2009, the week has been held on an annual basis, with organisations, businesses and local councils using the week as a platform to encourage behaviour change.


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