A Spot of Afternoon Tea Darling!

Posted By: Sharrona Bryans - Thursday, 6 August 2015  |  Comments: 0

A Spot of Afternoon Tea Darling!


The stamp scheme Access Point offer is a fantastic incentive to push us to go the extra mile with our work.


sharronaBut I, like most people often fall into the trap of swapping all of them for high-street vouchers which is great until I realised I was spending all my hard earned stamps on toilet roll and boring household essentials. 


I decided to try something a bit different and cash my vouchers in for afternoon tea for two at Browns in Liverpool. It was my friends birthday so it was great little extra present to give her.


We got the train to Liverpool and went shopping for a few hours, our table was booked for 3:15pm and by that point we were dying for a glass of fizz!  When we arrived we were escorted in true VIP fashion to our table where we were accompanied by a very talented pianist.  We were starving, so before our afternoon tea we ordered some very nice nibbles and had already had a few French Martinis before the afternoon tea arrived!


When it came we couldn’t believe our eyes, it was huge and the nibbles we ordered to start seemed like a bad idea now!  The tea consisted of cucumber and cream cheese and egg mayonnaise and lobster finger sandwiches along with an array of cakes and desserts.  My friend and I both agreed the Red Velvet Cream Cake was the nicest thing we had ever tasted in out lives!


Afternoon Tea   Afternoon tea


We washed it down with a nice cup of tea and a few more French martinis, wrapping up the home made scones to take home with us.  We then received a complimentary glass of champagne to finish off our afternoon which is never a bad thing!


When the bill finally came we were stuffed, slightly drunk and ready for bed… until we realised the whole thing only cost us £6.35 after I cashed the voucher; so we decided to drink some more!


All in all I definitely enjoyed it a lot more than buying boring household rubbish and felt I got a lot more for my stamps with a special treat!




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