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Since its introduction in 1999, over 600,000 people have participated in the Bike 2 Work scheme.


That may not seem like much compared to the 32,000,000 people in work, however the numbers are getting bigger with a record number of 184,000 people taking it up in 2014. But why has it taken so long to gather speed, when there are more than enough reasons both for staff and employers to take part?



Cycling to work’s perfect for me, I love getting the boost in the morning from the exercise and it saves me a fortune travelling. Getting my bike through the scheme has let me get a much better one than otherwise.


James Wilcoxson Account Manager





Why not go the extra mile, or 30.1km to be exact?


True to Access Point’s style, our people took a good idea and made it their own, organising a bike club.  Making the most of the sunny weather they’ve organised weekly evening cycles around the area.  This is a great opportunity not only for staff to get more exercise but helps team building as well.



We started the bike club to get more fit and have some fun with colleagues doing it, the response has been great with loads of people wanting to be involved.


Jennie Keen Account Manager




We joined the Bike 2 Work Scheme back in early 2010 after we were first made aware of the scheme. There are several reasons for doing so:


  • As many of my generation I was a keen cyclist as a kid and wanted to encourage others to enjoy the benefits of cycling.
  • Parking was rubbish in our offices at the time and this scheme gave another alternative to get into work.
  • The scheme encourages staff to buy a new bike as there is no upfront cost and it’s tax free!


We’ve now provided a bike rack at our lovely new offices to encourage more participation and many staff have now taken advantage of this scheme. 


It doesn’t cost the company anything, just a bit of time for paperwork and I will continue to encourage all staff members to participate in this; after all if I can get on my bike in all weathers and get into work then anybody can – apart from Jeanette (Wigan) and Steve (Swinton) so we’ll let them off...although Jacquie may say Ormskirk is too far to bike in from, I think that has more to do with the fact that pedals would ruin her heels!


David Robertshaw MD


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