Countdown To Vietnam - Andy

Posted By: Andy Robertshaw - Wednesday, 9 September 2015  |  Comments: 0

As the countdown draws closer, preparations for the team adventure to Vietnam are well underway.


Today we hear from our building expert Andy...




I was very surprised to be offered the chance to go to Vietnam and a little sheepish perhaps, in regards to it being me.  A chance of a lifetime an over-used phrase but very true in this instance.


Being a child of the seventies, Vietnam is a country I have grown up hearing about but not really knowing much about, so it will be amazing to arrive and view Vietnam for the first time.


I would be lying if I said I am not a little nervous about the plane journey, as I haven`t flown further than the canary islands before!




David would have you believe I am a pie and chips man; not true - although who doesn`t love a pie!?  I will try different foods but I'm not particularly keen on over hot spicy and in Vietnam i will not be eating “thit cho” (Lassie!!)



I'm very interested in how we all work as team in the project, mostly I work alone and am self-motivated.



bird eating spider I just completed a course in snake charming and had Bear Grylls round for lunch…i no longer have a snail problem in the garden!!


On the spider front I would say you probably should be more concerned about the smaller ones that crawl into your bed and lay eggs in your hair.  Then there's the bigger bird eating spiders…David, Dom and I should be okay anyway……ha, really sorry ladies ;0)


I suspect there will be much screaming in the jungle………



I look forward to taking part in a rewarding project, visiting new places and seeing a completely different life, oh and sharing laughter and alcohol with my new best friends ;0)



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