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Posted By: Jennie Keen - Tuesday, 15 September 2015  |  Comments: 0

The lucky 9 fly off this week for the adventure of a lifetime in Vietnam, in our final installment we hear from Queen of entertainment Jennie...



.......Du du du duuuuu, du du du du duuuuu.


Access Point Jennie100% you just sang that last sentence!!


To say I am excited about Vietnam would be the understatement of the century. I’ve been packed for a week, and currently trying to master some of the local slang.


“I'd like to eat” – “Toi muon” an (thoy moowan un)
“I'd like to drink” – “Toi muon uong” (thoy moowan oowanh)


With these two being my favourite things to do in life, (eating & drinking) they will be the first I am going to perfect.


I know this trip is going to open my eyes completely, and I am so excited to be living in a completely different way of life for two weeks. I have learnt many a thing already about the trip and Vietnam so far;


  • Where Vietnam is. I can now also point to it on a map for reference.
  • That dong is in fact currency and not a musical instrument
  • Finally, with everything I have packed I would have made the best boy scout there ever was!!! Bag complete with a few sneaky surprises.


Prior to our trip I was given two of the most important tasks, gathering everyone’s heights so we can order bikes for our cycling, it’s amazing how much that half an inch matters so much to (short) people!!


Myself and Dom are also organising the entire trip ENTERTAINMENT.  I am too excited about this, I think I have more games packed than clothes!


The one thing I am looking forward to most is feeling like we have helped a community that struggle to help themselves. To know that we are giving them something that we completely take for granted when we are younger is amazing.


I hope Vietnam is ready for us.... Access Point are nearly on their way!!!!



Click here to learn more about the Vietnam adventure


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