Countdown To Vietnam - Natasha

Posted By: Natasha Garlick - Tuesday, 25 August 2015  |  Comments: 0

As the countdown begins, preparations for the team adventure to Vietnam are underway.


Today we hear from Natasha...


natasha I’m a bit of a home-bird so this will be a huge change for me and I’m a bit scared! I’ve already told Amanda to expect to be my surrogate mum for the week!


I’ve been clothes shopping and have purchased lots of practical items, including shorts, walking boots and a warm weather sleeping bag.


I’m really looking forward to taking lots of amazing pictures, trying all the local (vegetarian) cuisine (no dog for me please!) and for the boat trip as I’ve never been fishing before.


I think it’s a great opportunity to see an amazing country and to work closely with other members of the team; hopefully we can instigate a Taylor Swift sing-a-long!


I do have concerns about the building part of the trip as I have no upper body strength for lifting but I am capable with a paintbrush and very happy to supervise!


It’s really heart-warming to know we’re going to make such a difference to the children of the area and it will be great to meet them and get lots of cuddles!



Click here to learn more about the Vietnam adventure


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