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Posted By: Sharrona Bryans - Monday, 7 September 2015  |  Comments: 0

As the countdown draws closer, preparations for the team adventure to Vietnam are well underway.



Today we hear from packing expert Sharrona...



Sharrona Departure date is fast approaching and I can not wait!  I have been tasked with getting stationary to donate to the school for the children to use and I'm completely overwhelmed with donations received from my friends family and work colleagues.  Now the worry is how to get it all over there and stay within our weight limits!


I have been super organised and have everything I need ready and wait for it… packed!  After living out of a backpack for nearly two years whilst travelling I have become a dab hand at fitting a lot of stuff into a not so big bag...which is a handy trick to have when you are a 5 foot 3 shopaholic!


A few of my fellow adventurers are saying they are struggling to fit all their stuff in so in order to help you make the most of your packing I have some handy tips below...


  • Perfect Preparation Prevents a Pi** Poor Performance...

Packing for vietnamDon’t just throw everything in as and when you get it, keep it all to one side then lay it all out in front of you so you know you have everything before you start to pack. 


Catalogue what you have and cross reference it with your check list.  Do this as early as possible so you aren’t rushing around last min and ruin your packing master piece!


Also look at you itinerary, plan what you need each day and as much as possible, try and pack in an order that makes the stuff you need at the beginning of the trip accessible first.  There is nothing worse than packing like a pro then having to unpack at your destination because you need your “comfy knickers” and they are at the bottom of your bag!


  • Roll, Roll, Roll Your Briefs!

You will be surprised how much more you can fit into your bag if you roll your thin clothes rather than fold.  Not only do you save time, you also help prevent harsh creases and it’s easier to grab what you need at your destination without disturbing the beautiful harmony of your perfectly packed bag!


  • Any Hole’s A Goal!

Utilise every single nook and cranny including your shoes!  Walking boots may be big, bulky and heavy but they also make for a great storage devise for socks, toiletries, hair brushes pretty much anything!  Stuff them full of bits and make them earn their place at the bottom of your bag!


  • Think outside the bag

Zip ties are your best friend. Keep a pack in your bag/hand luggage because there is lots of loops, straps, zips you can attach stuff to outside your bag like your sleeping bag, water bottle even those walking boots if you are really struggling (unstuffed of course and zip ties tight and through the eyelets!)


There are plenty more tips and tricks to make packing a breeze and I will be happy to share, there are also loads of videos and tips on YouTube or Google which really helped me.


Happy Packing!


packed for vietnam   stationary donations vietnam

Sharrona's bag packed and ready for their fortnight in Vietnam, along with just some of the stationary donations she's received for the kindergarten children.  



Click here to learn more about the Vietnam adventure


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