Cyber Crime - Don’t put yourself in the firing line

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Cyber Crime - Don’t put yourself in the firing line.


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Access Point has recently been granted Cycer Essentials certification. Developed by industry and Government it shows that Access Point is fulfilling its role in protecting data and mitigating risks from common internet based threats.


Cyber Crime is a worrying issue and businesses large or small are suffering every day at the hands of this ever increasing problem.


The internet was created as an open platform for sharing information – security wasn’t put into the building blocks of how it works. Who could have ever predicted how expansive it would become and how many users it would acquire; currently over 3.3 billion people around the world...and there are plenty of people out there ready to expose and abuse its weaknesses and vulnerabilities to commit crime.


Access Point - Cyber Essentials Bearing this in mind it is impossible for it to be controlled in a way that we would expect so we need to try to protect ourselves as much as we can. We have been looking at this for some time from all angles from the way our users work to how our software and hardware is set up. We are pleased to have been recently certified as Cyber Essentials secure which means that we take internet security seriously and have a lot of processes and procedures in place to ensure that our data is well protected.


There is a lot to consider but if this is something that you have never given any serious thought to here are a few security tips for any business that are relatively easy to implement to get you started:


  • Change log in passwords regularly and make sure they are secure (there are some great apps available for remembering passwords)
  • Don’t save card details online
  • Consider a separate guest wifi not connected to your network that extra mobile devices/visitors can access (this makes purchasing safer too)
  • Ensure your staff are aware of what to look out for as a lot of malware is spread via links and attachments on email


We wouldn’t walk along the street with a bag containing all our belongings wide open or money hanging out of our pockets but this is what we are effectively doing by not taking online security seriously. Don’t just assume you will be safe because you have yet to experience it. The internet is an electronic version of the world and we all know that the world can be a dangerous place if we don’t protect ourselves against those dangers.


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