Frequent Flyer Winner - Family Memories In France

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Frequent Flyer Winner - Family Memories In France

rich Having won the Access Point 2014-15 'Frequent Flyer' reward scheme's top prize of £1000 towards a holiday, my fiancée and I embarked on our two week French farmhouse holiday with our daughter Rosie and some friends.


We took the Euro Star train across the channel with our car and proceeded to drive west to the seaside town of Deauville, where we checked into our hotel for two nights and went exploring. Rosie had not been on a beach in hot weather before so 96 degrees was a bit stifling for all six of us!


Deauville was a posh town where Parisians seemed to holiday; very nice, definitely recommend but expensive. After two days we headed inland south to Gorron where our farmhouse was situated, on arrival we noticed that we had the whole complex to ourselves which was great, total tranquillity. The place was beautiful, nice swimming pool, nice accommodation, too many flies grrrr!


rich blog rich blog


We had many day trips to places of interest, one day we drove to Mont Saint Michelle to visit the Island with a monastery on it, no cars allowed just millions of tourists.  Another day we went to a wildlife sanctuary to see the lions, tigers and bears, we watched a couple of wallabies go at it for a while too, was impressed with the male wallaby's persistence....learnt a lot that day ha!


As a treat I had pencilled in two rounds of golf at a couple of nice courses nearby, they were beautiful and it’s always nice beat a 10 handicapper; twice!


Before returning to England we spent one night in Dieppe, again another beautiful French seaside resort with plenty of seafood restaurant delights for me. We finally settled into our seafront apartment after nearly having a full blown fight with a French man after he stole my parking space (another grrrr!)  Dieppe reminded me of a Yorkshire fishing town by the sea, very beautiful with a harbour one side and a dramatic cliff / pebble beach on the other side.




Our return home was with heavy hearts (and a sense that we were destined to get stuck in the Calais traffic caused by the migrant situation going on there) we were extremely lucky and sailed through with only a 20min delay and a car full of cheap plonk from the duty free lounge at the terminal!


Our first proper family holiday was over, thank you Access Point for contributing to this. It was amazing, full of great memories.....and vino!

  Rich blog

 Rich and Rosie



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