Introducing The All New Team AP!

Posted By: Jacquie Sim - Tuesday, 28 July 2015  |  Comments: 0

Introducing The All New Team AP!


In 2013, as part of ‘Project Evolution’ our team were asked to choose an avatar to represent them, a famous character to act as their alter ego and be used in place of an awkward head shot that really isn't our style.


It’s now a rite of passage for all new employees and the results are often telling; Verruca Salt, Little Miss Chatterbox and even Keith Lemon have all made appearances!  


One of our key core values is loyalty, a quarter of our workforce has been with us for over 10 years and we celebrate each employees work anniversary, particularly their 1st. With this in mind, the directors came up with a plan to immortalise each team member with a personalised version of their alter-ego once they reached their first 12 months with us.

Liam Dickinson, a friend of Amanda Robertshaws from art school had started his own business specialising in beautiful portraiture and digital caricatures. He was tasked with turning our team members into their chosen avatar.

Using photos from their employment files (and where necessary stalking Facebook profiles!) Liam created 35 fabulous new AP characters that are now hanging on our Wall of Fame...can you guess who is who!?


Team AP Avatars


Amanda said “I love them! My favourites are Rich and Jay and the hanging prints in our 'Rogues Gallery' make what was an ordinary corridor into a fantastic personalised space.”



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