The Co-Operative Group is amongst the first retailers in the UK to sign up for Apple Pay



The Co-Operative is amongst the first major retailers in the UK to offer customers the use of the new Apple Pay; Apple's new contactless payment system for the iPhone6, 6 Plus, and the Apple Watch. Much like the new generation of contactless cards, it will allow customers the chance to pay for their shopping by tapping their smartphone or watch with the added security benefit of using a fingerprint identification.


It acts as a digital wallet, with users, signing up their credit or debit cards through it for use as payment. For some this may cut down on the amount of cards they carry, however with the current limit set at £20, it's unlikely it's going to replace conventional payments entitrely in the near future.


The Co-Operatives current focus on improving its already highly competive range of convenience stores, means that they stand to benefit emmensely from these kinds of innovations, making it quicker and easier for customers buying lunch, or picking up dinner and a bottle of wine on the way home to pay for their shopping.


Co-Op, Marks and Spencers, and Waitrose are the only 3 major grocery retailers to currently offer the new payment.


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