Communication Is The Key

Posted By: Amanda Shaw - Tuesday, 14 April 2015  |  Comments: 0

Communication Is The Key


How has customer service been allowed to degenerate so much?


It used to be just very large companies but this philosophy seems to be spreading.  I am tired of listening to pre-recorded messages of how my business is so important to a company whilst being kept on hold for 25 mins or being fobbed off with a load of generic, well worn platitudes “we appreciate where you are coming from” or “bear with us and we’ll get back to you” only to have to chase again days later when I have heard nothing, each person seeming as disinterested as the last.


I am happy to say none of Access Point’s customers receive this kind of treatment – nor will they ever.  Customer service is our top priority (which is why I am so unforgiving when I don’t receive it elsewhere).


Our customers are treated with the respect they deserve, after all they are keeping us in business!  Each one of our account managers is approachable and wants to hear from you.  Our core values are the essence of our business and you will never speak to a clone reading from a script with no idea or interest in why you are calling.


Be assured if we can help you, we will.


And here’s what some of our customers have said about us...



“I would like to say thanks for helping us to advertise through your retailers. A personal thanks to your account managers who kept with it week in, week out supporting us all the way.”

Lancashire Double Glazing



“Throughout the campaign our account manager has been in regular contact with ourselves, keeping us informed of any new developments and been very eager to hear of the results. He has made the process from beginning to end a very simple, straight forward and successful project.”

Shipley Garden Centre



“It's not often I look forward to a sales call but yours are always welcome!”

James Andrews School of Golf



“Thank you for your professional and friendly service.”

Downland Veterinary Group



“The service from the team at Access Point in setting up the scheme was first class.”

Elmbury Lodge, Tewkesbury



“I have found Access Point to be extremely efficient, professional and easy to work with.”

Hattons and Willows Farm



“I intend to carry on using Access Point and would thoroughly recommend them.”

KFC (Ozland Ltd)



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