Egg, cheese and jam

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Egg, Cheese and Jam


Access Point Dom with beer and hat Vietnam

Well. Where do I possibly start? I’d firstly like to thank APUK, what an experience that was!

Initially when the trip away was mentioned – I didn’t put my name forward to go. All sorts of things were running through my mind, 2 weeks away from home was always going to be a tough task. It took a bit of convincing from management to put my name forward, that it would benefit me and help me get ready to face situations in my new sales role. I’m glad I did.


I was a bit anxious about the trip leading up to it, some of the people in work (Jenny Kean) I can only just put up with 8 hours of the day (let alone 2 full weeks). The people that went really were a different bunch and it was really good to actually spend time with others that I might not have done on a day to day basis.


The physical work on day one was something else; I’ve lent a hand in some manual labour in the past – nothing in 40 degree heat digging a hole in wet clay. Blisters on my hands and it hadn’t hit 9am. I’m not the healthiest person going and the sweat was just dripping – I may as well of just had a bath, I was THAT wet. Dinner time on the first day couldn’t come quick enough, a 2 hour lunch after a hard morning was just what the doctor ordered, that and copious amounts of spring rolls and boiled rice.


I dreaded waking up the next morning ready to go to work but it got easier as days went by. I think the substantial amount of my trusty friend Jack Daniels and some Bacardi Oakheart helped me find the energy to work in the heat. The 2 litres only lasted the first 3 nights at the home stay.

 Access Point Dom Working Vietnam

The woman at the homestay was an absolute darling. Up at the crack of dawn to make sure I was prepped with Jam, cheese and egg ready for my ultimate sandwich combo.


It nearly brought a tear to my eye when we had to leave Nam (tour guide) – as opposed to Jenny who was in floods of tears as she had the biggest crush on him ever – shame he had a wife and 2 kids otherwise we might have come home without her.


The trip was an experience that I’ll never forget, getting away seeing a different way of life made me realise how lucky I actually am. The family around me, friends, the place I live, my way of life. Everything really struck home on the last few days of the trip. I’m not ashamed to say I was homesick, but helping the less fortunate on a trip of a lifetime really made me feel a lot happier about myself and that I’d done some good made it all worth while.


Proud to work for this company, hope I can go on another crazy adventure in the future (when my time comes around again)


Peace out.


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