From Death's door to Ha Long Bay

Posted By: David Robertshaw - Friday, 30 October 2015  |  Comments: 0

From Death's door to Ha Long Bay


Access Point David and Andy VietnamWhat a trip! From being at Death’s door to canoeing in one of the most beautiful bays in the world… Vietnam.


It’s a crazy place, full of fun, scooters, egg coffee, grafters, poverty, pho (which you have to be careful how you pronounce) and history. You wouldn’t know it's a country that has been abused by its closest neighbours and by countries on the other side of the world. Not a single minute of hostility was felt or shown towards us. Their friendliness leaks out of every pore, their disposition lights up a room and their smiles make sunglasses compulsory!


Death’s door… the anti-malarial tablets my friendly GP prescribed me should be renamed pro-malarial pills – my face swelled and I couldn’t eat and drink for three days… not good :(


Ho Chi Minh is the closest thing to a god in Vietnam and he is omnipresent; from his grand mausoleum to a statue in every home, he embodies the Vietnamese people… humble.


I loved being isolated with eight members of my extended family, you really get to know what makes them tick. There were some real characters that kept us all entertained, an unrequited love affair, strange food concoctions and a sense of fun in everything we did. We came together to make a tiny difference to some people that we will never see again and I hope that we succeeded in this, at the very least nine people now have memories that will never leave them.


I am quite sad that I won’t be involved in the next adventure whatever it may be – time to pass the baton to Jeanette.


Access Point Team pic Vietnam


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