Green supermarkets of the future


The retail environment has changed a lot over the last few years but one trend that will continue is firms driving to be greener and more energy efficient. As part of this, Tesco have spent the last few years investing in Carbon Neutral stores to test what methods will work best.


Carbon Neutral store features:


  • Timber frames from sustainable sources – Not only do timber frames look attractive and provide a softer aspect for buildings, they are also far more energy efficient, saving a tonne of carbon for each cubic meter of steel replaced.


  • Wind catchers – Wind catchers on the roofs of stores help to cut down on air conditioning, by allowing fresh air to blow in and out of stores.


  • Roof lights – It may seem like an obvious solution, but what’s the easiest way to cut down on the need for artificial lights? Put a window in! Tesco’s roof lights are filled with a special gel that prevents too much of the sun’s heat getting through and spoiling products. They also use sun pipes, which are mirrored tubes which reflect sunlight into back areas of the store. Both of these can help the health and mood of staff and customers giving them more access to natural light.


  • Rainwater – You know how it rains straight after you’ve washed the car? Tesco have the solution using rainwater to power car washes and even flush toilets!


  • Refrigerators – Strange to say, but carbon dioxide has a role to play in helping to stop Global warming. Using C02 as a refrigerant is around 3,920 times less harmful than most common alternatives.


  • Renewable energy – Even with all of these efficiencies, the store still needs power. That’s why they’ve also invested in generating their own electricity from renewable sources like solar panels and even using fish oil to power generators.

 Tesco Ramsey Cambridgeshire


If you’d like to see inside one of the Tesco carbon neutral stores… then book a promotion at them today!