Jeans For Genes Fundraising Day

Posted By: Jennie Keen - Tuesday, 30 September 2014  |  Comments: 0

jeans for genes team

 Team AP dressed in denim for 'Jeans for Genes' Charity Day 


We recently held our 4th charity event here at Access Point, this time for Jeans4Genes.


It came about after a leaflet was given to us promoting the charity day on 19th September.  Not knowing much about the charity we decided to read up on what it was all about....



jeans for genesThe Jeans for Genes charity raises money to care and support those children who are born with genetic disorders, something which affects a shocking 1 in 25 children in the UK. 


After reading how much it costs just to buy one child basic machinery to save their lives we decided that we should definitely raise some money to help.



Once again the whole office got on board and we decided to all wear jeans for both the Thursday and the official Jeans for Genes Friday to raise even more money.


On the Jeans for Genes day we held a delicious cake sale which certainly went down a storm with not a single cake left by the end of the day.




We also played various games throughout the day, all jeans related.  The first, a three legged race (legs tied together by jeans) and later a jean related quiz – which got very competitive...


The best answer by far...

Q: ‘Which singer starred in Shakira’s Hips Don’t Lie?’
A: ‘BEYONCE, BEYONCE, BEYONCE’ - Close. But the answer was Wyclef Jean!!!


And not forgetting the best dressed competition which was unanimously awarded to art room Rich....


nest dressed rich


The day was an absolute success.  We managed to raise £210, which is amazing!!


We loved the interaction from the Jeans for Genes social media team in both the run up to and for the duration of the day, it was lovely to know how thankful they were.




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