Lindsey Passes Probation

Posted By: Lindsey Ibrahim - Tuesday, 31 March 2015  |  Comments: 0

Congratulations to Lindsey Ibrahim who recently passed her probation on our Till Receipt team.


This is what our very own Little Miss Chatterbox had to say....


LindseyI chose to work at Access Point after hearing all about the business, I had previously used some of the Till Receipt Vouchers from Argos that year. I started at Access Point after working at some of the largest publishing houses in the UK and have not looked back since.


I thoroughly enjoyed the training given by Access Point, similar in parts but totally different to any I had previously been given. I did however come to Access Point having been trained by the likes of Trinity Mirror and felt I brought some great experience with me.


I made my first sale relatively quickly and I have gone on to have some absolutely amazing sales months, I have sold double my target and I’ve also signed my whole months target in 1 sale alone!!


I’ve thoroughly enjoyed speaking with my clients on a regular basis and taking re-books along the way.


When I was made a full team member I felt elated, really part of the team. They have accepted me for all that I bring to the team as a whole, I am rather chatty and personable by nature and I’m sure I will be known forever as Little Miss Chatterbox!  They even celebrated my milestone by playing the Chas and Dave song “Rabbit” whilst gagging me….oh what fun!!


Lindsey       Lindsey        lindsey


Access Point is a great place to work, we’ve had some great moments when I was part of the Games Committee! Everyone here knows how to let their hair down and have some fun too.


I fully hope that in time I can move up in the ranks and manage my own team one day, I feel I have some great attributes to share with up and coming Access Point newbies!!


Well done Lindsey, we wish you a successful future with Access Point.




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