Meet the new Access Point Sales Academy

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Meet the new Access Point Sales Academy


Day two of the Access Point Sales Academy and we meet our newest recruits.

 Third Sales Academy


Jamie has previously worked in retail as a department manager. With retail already such a big part of Access Point’s business, this experience will be vital to understanding how stores run from the inside. He enjoys painting and running in his spare time and has 3 kids! He was initially attracted to the Access Point Sales Academy by our positive company culture.



Sarah has previously worked as a recruitment consultant, in marketing and as a PA. All of these skills will give her a great start in the company where she’s going to need to persuade, understand and be her own PA! She describes herself as optimistic, happy and confident.



Carl has a background in cold calling and 10 years of experience in other sales roles. With this sort of background you may be wondering why he’s chosen to come to the Access Point Sales Academy. The Sales Academy however is about more than just teaching the skills to sell, it’s about selling with integrity and teaching Access Point’s values’. It was this that made Carl decide to give us a try.



Michael has extremely strong communication skills with previous job roles being a camp councillor in America. No doubt this will help him to connect with his customers and discover exactly what their needs are. In his spare time he referees football.  


Keep tuned over the next few weeks for more insight into the third Sales Academy!


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