Anti domestic abuse message given to shoppers in Hertfordshire

By Herts Observer - 18th May 2015
Herts SunflowerCustomers will pick up more than their shopping on visits to certain stores across Hertfordshire over the next few weeks.



Domestic abuse awareness messages will appear on the receipts at all branches of Homebase, Argos and 99p Stores in the county throughout May and will offer advice on where people can receive help.


Sarah Taylor, domestic abuse programme manager for Hertfordshire, said: "Whilst reporting figures may be higher in some areas than others in Hertfordshire, we have seen an overall increase in reported domestic abuse incidents across the county."


"We wanted to raise awareness by doing something different and to reach out to those who may be suffering from this crime, which destroys lives."


It is hoped that the campaign message will reach hundreds of thousands of recipients, as the messages appear on over 440,000 individual receipts.


Sarah added: "We will try any avenue to ensure that we can get our continued message out there: to seek support and report domestic abuse – help is available to you, please come forward."


Detective Chief Inspector Clare Smith, from the harm reduction unit, said: "We take every report of domestic abuse extremely seriously in Hertfordshire and continuously work to get our message out there that if you are suffering from domestic abuse you need to report it."


"I welcome and support this latest initiative of getting the message on to shop receipts to raise awareness of this horrendous type of crime and to encourage people to come forward."


Herts Police and Crime Commissioner David Lloyd said: "Stopping domestic abuse remains one of my main priorities for Hertfordshire. I fully support any initiative which gets our message out there to victims to speak out and report it, help is available. We all play a role in identifying, reporting and acting on this crime which happens behind closed doors and destroys the lives of families."


If you are suffering from domestic abuse, please call the Sunflower Centre on 08 088 088 088 – it is open from 10am to 10pm Monday to Friday or visit: www.hertssunflower.org.


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