One week on the clock for our third Sales Academy

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One week on the clock for our third Sales Academy 


As our four newest recruits enter their second week in the sales academy, they reveal their first impressions of the course, the team, their avatars and what they are looking forward to the most over the next few weeks.


Week one’s crash course covered Access Point’s evolution from 1997 to the present, our company values and USP’s; as well as the skills of questioning, logical arguments, and the psychology behind selling – all in preparation for their first ever sales call at the end of the first week.


Sales Academy



What were your initial impressions of the team and workplace?


Carl: Fantastic. The whole team from management to staff are all great.


Michael: The team was more of a family and the workplace was like a home, i.e. kitchen and roof-top.


Jamie: A really positive environment. Everyone has been so friendly.


Sarah: Everyone is really friendly and welcoming. There seems to be a social aspect to the company as well as a good work-life balance.



What aspects of the Sales Academy are you finding most interesting?


Carl: Chris has taught me a lot about getting into a call. Having a lot of experience already, I didn’t realise how much more there was to learn.


Michael: How to open a call with professionalism and confidence and meeting new people.


Jamie: The psychology aspects and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming)


Sarah: Learning so much that applies to everything and not just sales! Things like values and positivity. Also really helpful ways of getting potential buyers interested.



What Access Point avatar have you chosen and why?


Carl: Mr Grumpy. I’ve been known to be grumpy outside of work and inherited the genes from my father.


Michael: Sloth from the Goonies – “Hey you guys”


Jamie: The Hulk. Because I can be a bit repressed sometimes.


Sarah: Princess Jasmine because I always get told I look like her.



Have you enjoyed working with our sales trainer Chris Dawson, and how has he developed your understanding of sales?



Carl: 100%, he’s a great guy and offers a fantastic delivery of the course.


Michael: Chris is a great mentor with lots of experience from actually doing the job.


Jamie: Chris has been fantastic and I already feel on the way to being a great salesman.


Sarah: Chris has been amazing! I’ve learnt more in the past three days than I have on an entire sales course in the past. He has provided us with priceless knowledge that will enhance our careers.



What are you looking forward to the most over the next few weeks?


Carl: Closing a deal.


Michael: Learning more about sales and the skills to be able to do the role.


Jamie: Passing the exam and making my first sale!


Sarah: Learning as much as I can on the sales academy and learning some hypnotic sales language!




We believe that our company culture and values are the main factors driving our growth. Our team culture is legendary, as is our range of perks and benefits. The sales academy is a fully funded four week course that has been approved and endorsed by the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management (ISMM). Our sales academy is delivered by Chris Dawson of 6th Door Training and is structured to give our prospective recruits a real understanding of what it takes to professionally sell with integrity.



Keep track of our Sales Academy journey for more insight and updates on the undergraduates and their progress.



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