Record Year For Our Venue Promotions Team


Promo Team

Access Point Promotions Team


2014-15 year was fantastic for Access Point, with substantial year-on-year growth. 


Each of our promotion sales accounts achieved record revenue figures and our final year turnover across all departments was a 20% increase on last year and 168% to budget.


This huge increase exceeded retailer targets and expectationsd across the board.



Sales Manager Dale Newman says...


"This is now the 3rd consecutive year we have achieved a record performance!  Each year I set the bar higher and my expectations of the team increase and they certainly don’t let me down, it just makes them hungrier! 


I have worked with this team now for a number of years, over those years we have built up a fantastic work relationship and trust.  We have such a mix of personalities which gives the team lots of different strengths to achieve the goals.  I really couldn’t ask for a better team! 


The team share the same vision as I do and the key to the success is team work, planning and hard work.  We will yet again set the bar higher this year and we're already on track to make it four record years in a row.  It’s exciting to see how far we can actually go!"