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#100 Hours - Our Pledge for Responsible Business Week 2016


A responsible business is committed to building a fairer society and a more sustainable future, with Business In The Community breaking this down into five key areas.  Today just in time for #EarthDay we focus on the Environment.


Giving back. It’s something we all should do more. However, even with all of our mobile phones, virtual PA’s and same day delivery services, people seem more time-poor than ever before. With so much to do and so little time, people are constantly struggling for a work life balance. If charity begins at home, then shouldn’t we spend time eating dinner with our families before we consider volunteering our time for other people? What’s needed here is for companies to take direct action to support their employees in volunteering for good causes; and that’s exactly what Access Point has done.

 Southport Beach

 Southport Beach at Sunset


A few weeks ago, we approached our team with the plan to donate 100 hours of time from across the company to helping local causes and specifically the local environment. What was most incredible was the reaction from the staff. The atmosphere changed, people sat up in their seats and started to take notice, ideas were exchanged and people were suddenly talking to each other about what we could do, who they knew, what would we need. It’s then that we realised that volunteering in the local community doesn’t just clean up beaches and plant trees and flowers. Volunteering in the community helps to build community. It gets people engaged, makes them take notice and shows them that they have all they need to make the world a better place in their hands.


It’s the greatest thing we’ve taken from Responsible Business Week over the years. Things can be ignored so easily but when you sit up and take notice you can’t stop. Our commitment grows year on year as we find new ways to be better, so here are our pledges for 2016:


EnvironmentWe will donate 100 hours of volunteer time across the company over the next 12 months to helping our local environment, from cleaning up Southport beach to planting trees, whatever is needed.


EmployeesWe will continue to support our employees in all their adventures, whether that’s in Vietnam or here at home.


Enterprise & Employment – We’ll work to make the Access Point Sales Academy the best it can be, offering more people the skills and experience to find rewarding work they can be proud of.


Education We will continue to offer all of our staff the chance to take professional qualifications and all of the support and training necessary to progress their career.


Keep following our blog and social media throughout the year to see our progress


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