Retailer Spotlight: Argos

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Retailer Spotlight: Argos


Founded in 1972, Argos is undoubtedly one of the largest retailers operating in the UK. We have exclusively worked alongside Argos since 2011, supplying highly visible till receipt advertising on the back of their till receipts. Argos serves around 130 million customers a year through its network of 840 stores across the UK & Ireland. 


In the second of our retailer spotlight series, we’re taking a closer look at our British catalogue giant, Argos. The following ‘SWOT’ analysis identifies its internal strengths and weaknesses, as well as its external opportunities and threats.


Argos digital presence


  • Market Leader – Argos offers more than 60,000 product lines across various channels including, mobile, its 840 stores and website services. Product lines include technology, home & garden, baby & nursery and health & beauty etc.

  • Digital transformation – Argos have undergone a digital revolution, moving away from catalogues to in-store tablet screens and a focus on e-tail. In Q1 2016, online sales rose by 16% and total sales were up 2.6%.

  • Sainsbury’s Acquisition – Argos will benefit from increased footfall generated by Sainsbury’s supermarket customers, as well as conveniently located stores. This will make order collection more accessible for customers that have tied it with their food shop.

  • Strong brand image – Argos is a well trusted retail brand that focuses on delivering value by selling a wide range of products. Two thirds of UK households have an Argos catalogue at home, equating to nearly 17 million people.       


  • Dependency on UK market – Argos is totally dependent on the UK market for generating sales revenue. Its lack of global presence could harm its general market credibility and result in the company falling behind online rivals such as Amazon. 


  • Price Match – There is the opportunity for Argos to introduce a price match scheme against major competitors like Amazon. The electrical goods market is particularly price-driven and today’s consumers are savvy enough with technology to be able to instantly price check a product either in the store or online prior to purchase.  

  • Sponsorships – Argos have recently entered a TV sponsorship deal with ITV’s debate show, Loose Women. Argos’ expansion into media sponsorship is a great opportunity to promote its ‘heart of house’ brand and is a platform they can utilize in the future.

  • Digital Enhancement - Argos’ online sales rose by 16% in Q1 2016, this suggests initiatives put in place to accelerate its transformation into a digitally-led business are beginning to pay off. There is an opportunity to expand this even further to improve its digital offering, as well as keeping up with competitors. 


  • Competition – Argos faces an abundance of competition from the likes of Amazon, Dixons, Apple and DFS. 

  • Delivery Wars– Argos introduced its ‘Fast Track Delivery’ scheme in 2015 with the aim of dominating digital sales of consumer goods in the UK. This has led to ‘delivery wars’ with Amazon, who now offer their customers one-hour deliveries on orders through its Prime Now service.

  • Regular discounting – Argos rely heavily on year-round price discounting and reductions to entice consumers. This carries the risk that customer’s confidence in initial pricing may be undermined and encourage them to wait for the next promotional event.


till receipts example



With over 40 years’ experience, it is clear that Argos understand they have valuable expectations when using their services. Following Sainsbury’s recent acquisition of Argos, 30 newly-designed digital stores will be opening by Christmas as part of their progression in the ever changing technological world. 


Despite a substantial and increasing digital presence, Argos still retains its status as a strong physical retailer, with “47%” of consumers saying they “prefer to buy from a retailer with stores even if they are purchasing online” according to Mintel Reports. Because of this consumer preference, till receipt advertising remains a fantastic way to reach thousands of Argos consumers every day. 







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