Rich's Go Sober For October Triumph!

Posted By: Richard Hayden - Monday, 3 November 2014  |  Comments: 0

Go Sober For October - Week 4sober october


Kate was not the only office hero to 'Go Sober For October', Rich also took on the challenge to raise money for McMillan.


Known for his fondness of red wine this was going to be a tough one!


The Intrepid Explorer


After long deliberation, thinking this was one journey I did not want to embark on I eventually made the decision to jump feet first into the world of a sober man.  This was no drop in the ocean for someone who has consistently drunk most nights since the age of 16, only stopping for two operations and the odd man flu!


Week One - Anxiety


Day one was a real bomb shell, the reality of it all had finally struck home.  Firstly, what can I substitute a good glass of wine for, water, fizzy water, tea!  I found it funny that with no alcohol your bed becomes more inviting, each night earlier and earlier.  At 9.00pm I was wondering to myself if it was far too early to be going to bed, by 10pm I was thinking, nope lets go!


Week Two - Boredom and Carvings


Week two seem to come and go but these were very testing times, my social calender was rammed and there were a few tricky nights to overcome, it was as if the Devil had been sent down to test me!  A few sober meals out with friends, trips to the pub as the designated driver, football matches drinking well know branded soft drinks, my God, I nearly started smoking again to counteract the cravings!


Week Three - Actual Salivating


Week three seem to quieten down some what, not so many nights out to fear or sulk about.  By now I had discovered my favourite tipple being fizzy water & blackcurrant drank through a straw (mmmm!) you can’t beat it....well unless it was a beer, glass of red wine or even a cider with Whiskey chaser! 


By now the nights seem to have gotten longer, I am no longer going to be at 10pm, I can make it to at least 11pm maybe even midnight at a weekend!  The daily routine of cracking a beer straight after work has seem to have passed but any tv programme or advert with alcohol in it is torture.  I seem also to be substituting the alcohol for sweets, sweets and more sweets.  The final humiliation is walking around Tesco and noticing I was dribbling at the sight of the wine isle, stupid I know, I have found a way to stop this now, avoid supermarkets!


Week Four - The Final Hurdle


I was actually dreading the final week the most, as the finishing line approached I can taste victory (literally).  Looking back from a health point of view, I can say that I have lost 7lbs and have not had to touch any indigestion tablets (normally one a day man) which is a plus point but apart from this I can say that I have had more health related ailments after stopping than I have had in a long time, sore throat, cough, cold, skin allergy to name a few.  When asked if anyone thought I looked better for it, Jennifer replied “Well you look a little less grey” so all was not lost after all!


Final Thoughts


So as I sit here having counted down the days on my calender, wondering whether it was worth while, the answer has to be yes.  It has been hard work but not only have I managed to raise £140 for a great charity with the help from Access Point and friends and family, I now know that in fact, I can abstain from alcohol for long periods of time, I just choose not to!



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