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Sat in the airport my belly full of flutters

Am I really spending two weeks with this bunch of nutters?!

Dad, Bear, Amanda, Tash, Cheryl, Dom and the Gingers

Off to Vietnam looking like backpacking Ninjas!


Up in the air the trip had really begun,

Drank the plane out of beer here starts the real fun!

Two days in Hanoi before the homestay

A water Puppet show well what can I say?

We all really loved it, after the flight it was a welcome break

Amanda especially loved it when she failed to stay awake!


We had a long Journey before the Home stay

So a short game of Uno is what we would play!

Over 20 games later our heads were in a spin

Four hours later and Dom still didn’t win!


Arrived at the homestay and picked our beds on the floor

An early night was needed we were up not long after 4,

First day on the project we couldn’t wait to start

We dug and carried and mixed with all our little hearts!


The heat was immense we all built up a sweat

But the project was finished and the deadline was met!

The washroom was ready and the villagers celebrated

Singing songs of their culture they really were elated

Then it was our turn to sing, to leave our namesake,

Jennie decided sing about her Milkshake!


After the work was done it was time to play!

An amazing boat was the next place we would stay

A nice soft mattress and a bug free beds

The perfect place to rest our tired weary heads


We visited Temples and seen where rice grows

Kayaked through caves Jennie and Claire were like Pros!

We drank, ate and laughed and sung the night away

I didn’t want to leave we all wanted to stay.


The trip was nearing the end, and I felt a little sad

It was a rewarding and challenging not a single day was bad

We learned things about each other

That nobody knows

Like Egg Cheese and Jam sandwiches

And Black Women’s Toes


All Jokes aside the trip was sublime!

A Bond was made with true friends

That will last a lifetime.

Access Point Ha Long Bay


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