So long The Co-operative. Hello again The Co-op!


 Co-op Clover Logo


The Co-op has begun its major rebrand with some food stores already displaying the new logo outside stores. It’s a step back to step forward as they return to their much loved logo, the so called clover leaf last seen in the 1960’s.


In June 2014 work began for the Co-operative of finding a new visual identity for the group and one of the first things they found was that despite 10 years of being ‘The Co-operative’ the world still knew them as ‘The Co-op’.


It’s more than just a rebrand though, as The Co-op seeks a return to its core values, and resumes the members’ dividend after it being suspended during the Group’s financial crisis when it sold some parts of its business and sought to balance the books. In addition the company is retraining its 70,000 strong workforce on a ‘back to being Co-op programme’.


At a time when the ‘Big 4’ Grocery Stores are cutting back on customer loyalty programmes, The Co-op is investing heavily in its own 8 million members. They will be receiving more attention with a 5% discount on all Co-op brand products and services, alongside the guarantee that 1% of the money they spend at its businesses will go straight back into helping the local community and its suppliers.


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