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As we continue with our commitment to Responsible Business Week, today we hear from BDM Jacquie on our continued support of the Southport Foodbank.....


‘Operation Christmas Dinner’ is a huge success for Access Point


In December, Access Point decided to spread their considerable Christmas cheer out in to the community with their team challenge ‘Operation Christmas Dinner’.


The entire company got involved to arrange a huge food donation to the seven Southport Trussell Trust Foodbanks; specifically including Christmas dinner parcels, in order to give those less fortunate in the community the Christmas dinner we all deserve.


Splitting into five groups, each team was tasked with raising their own donations centred around the foodbank's guidance of Christmas dinner items, store cupboard favourites, baby essentials and basic toiletries. This could be from their own pockets and cupboards, or by negotiating support from friends, family and other local businesses.


Once each team had a donation value of £100 then Access Point provided an additional £100 cash per team to spend.


The response was phenomenal; starting with 52 advent calendars delivered before the challenge had properly begun. We could never have predicted the generosity of those involved and the sheer volume of donated items that came in to the office on a daily basis. Every spare bit of space was filled with donations, everything from tins of soup to selection boxes and mountains of nappies!


To help raise funds and further donations the teams arranged raffles, went carol singing and braved the cold with a promotional event in Southport town centre, the latter raising an amazing £920 in cash and a trolley full of food.


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The response was so great the foodbank were unable to store it all. Our first instalment included 25 Christmas dinner bags complete with fresh vegetables donated by a local farm, seasonal goodies and baby food. It took several cars to transport it all and weighed nearly half a metric ton.


FB Food  FB  FB3


The rest of the donations were weighed in early in the New Year, with the final donation amount totalling more than 1.25 metric tonnes of food in addition to nearly a thousand pounds in cash which was the biggest donation they'd ever received from an individual local business.


John Sullivan, the manager of Southport Foodbank said “We would like to thank Access Point for making us their charity of choice this Christmas.  The massive amount raised in cash could not have come at a better time as we need to fund alterations to the Lakeside Christian Centre building to enable to accommodate the increases in food donated by the very generous people who live in our Borough.


Not only did Access Point raise money for us but we also were able to distribute nearly half a ton of Christmas goodies they donated to us in December and there is still more yet to come!  A magnificent effort all round.”


Access Point Operations Director Jeanette Morgan added “I was overwhelmed by the extent to which our colleagues embraced Operation Christmas Dinner, showing true Christmas and team spirit. They should be extremely proud of their efforts and the difference they have made to local families.


The cash raised will go towards the building costs of creating additional storage.  Storage is something the charity is currently struggling with and as such we have provided them space within the Old Courthouse since December for surplus stock.  With the renovations at the Lakeside Centre where the foodbank is based not due for completion for some months, this storage facility has been extended to them on a longer basis and is of course free of charge.


"There is a requirement to move over 50 trays of food to a new location and you were kind enough to confirm that Access Point would be willing to provide temporary storage facilities for Southport Foodbank without charge.


This very generous offer not only provides us with a solution to our temporary storage problems but will also save us £200 per month in storage costs, with this money being ploughed back into the service we provide people in the borough in food poverty.  Colin Avery, Southport Foodbank


Access Point is delighted to offer continued support to the Southport Foodbank, we are very proud of our Southport heritage and the work we do locally and have taken great pride in being able to assist those less fortunate within our community.



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