Team Building - Our Next Adventure

Posted By: David Robertshaw - Friday, 13 March 2015  |  Comments: 0

Team Building - Our Next Adventure


Any regular reader of our Blog Spot will know that last year the Senior Team where whisked off to the Arctic for some “team building” excercises!  Well we did some as well as having loads of fun!


Seriously though, it did what we set out to achieve; that is to bring together all of the Senior Team, isolate them, work in an extreme environment and see how they came out the other end.


arctic team



It worked – it really did! We went on to blast our previous best financial year by over 20% and part of that success was down to how we work as a team and understanding each other’s role within the team.


The only slight drawback was in telling all of our fantastic stories to the rest of the team and seeing the wistful look in their eyes! It was always our intention to look at repeating the experience of taking some of the team away again and allowing others the opportunity of working with colleagues they would not normally do so, something unique that they would not necessarily think of doing…time to put the thinking hat on.


We do count our blessings at times, we are very fortunate and I suppose that’s why many of the team are keen on fundraising and helping people less fortunate. It would be good to combine the needs of Access Point with the opportunity of helping people less fortunate than ourselves – so that’s where I started looking.


mai chau



After a fair bit of research, emails and phone calls I found a scheme that fitted the bill perfectly.  So we’re taking a team of nine to Vietnam, up in the mountains, to build a washroom facility for a primary school that doesn’t have these facilities currently.  We will head across in September with our plaster hawks and trowels and with the aid of a couple of local tradesmen we will make this addition to the school that is currently being built.



       vietnam build          Kindergarten



No doubt we’ll put up some more info for anybody that’s interested and we’ll try and do some updates when we are there. There will also be the opportunity for the team to let their hair down and have some fun in what is meant to be a fantastic country (I’ve never been).









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