Supermarket giant Tesco has opened a pop-up wine bar in London's Soho for 12 days to showcase its Finest range of wines.


This week saw a new approach from the UK's largest wine retailer, which opened a sleek pop-up wine bar to showcase its finest* wine range in an experiential format. The pop-up was designed to showcase the exclusive range to customers, offering multiple tasting flights and immersive opportunities to learn from Tesco wine experts. 


Tesco finest* wine pop-up

 Tesco finest pop-up store open from 2nd-13 August


More and more businesses are embracing experiential marketing to connect face-to-face and interact with potential customers in a relaxed environment. By allowing consumers to directly interact with your brand, promotional space events have long been proven as an excellent way for businesses of all sizes to increase awareness and drive sales.  


Nick Jackman, Tesco Finest’s head of brand marketing said:


"This wine bar is a first for Tesco. It is an opportunity for customers to learn about and discover new, interesting wines in a relaxed environment and in a much more immersive way than if they were in the wine aisle in a Tesco supermarket.


"There are three key messages about the brand that we want consumers to take away with them. The first is about the breadth of our range, the second is about quality and, thirdly, we want to change perceptions and drive a positive awareness of the Tesco brand overall."



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