Tesco offer free fruit to parents and children


Tesco Free Fruit

A local Lincolnshire Tesco checkout assistant had the innovative idea to welcome shoppers like parents and children to the retail outlet with free fresh fruit in an approach to assist children get more of their 5-a-day.


Tesco corporate responsibility director has said that from the retailer seeing such a positive reaction the business thought they should implement it elsewhere up and down the UK; the idea has been rolled out to retailers is Hertfordshire and now in Glasgow as 15 local Tesco stores are now trying the new trend with the company’s aim to encourage healthy eating among its loyal customers.


Now more than a week into the ongoing 4 week trial, set by the UKs leading supermarket, the scheme has acquired praise from parents all over the country where they have continuously commented on the stores dedication to making the shopping experience as enjoyable as possible and how children have been occupied with eating 1 of their 5-a-day whilst parents can peacefully go about their weekly shop.


Tesco has received so much encouraging feedback, especially on social media, that they hope to implement this in their other stores nationwide to the benefit of their shoppers. A mother shopping at Lincolnshire’s Tesco store noticed the brilliant new idea and praised them on a Facebook post that was shared more than 8,000 times and seen by more than 70,000 people.


The recent flurry of praise that Tesco has received has allowed them to stand out from their competitors ensuring that more customers, especially families, will be shopping at their local and friendly Tesco store.



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