The Third Acces Point Sales Academy

Posted By: Peter Edwards - Monday, 5 September 2016  |  Comments: 0

The Third Access Point Sales Academy


Today marks the start of the third Access Point Sales Academy. It seems a short time since the very first when we began a new experiment in how a successful sales team could be created, not by relying solely on past performance in sales but by looking from the bottom up what made a successful Access Pointer.

 Access Point core values

In its third run now, the sales academy has changed as our experience has grown. Interviews for them are different, the current sales staff have a much more hands-on role and most of all feedback from the successful academy graduates has guided us to finding the best ways to motivate and teach them.


At the core though the new academy shares the same insight that drove our first, you need to be more than just a good salesperson to succeed at Access Point, you need to be the right type of person. Someone who shares our core values, who is visionary, honest and dedicated as well.


More than anything else, the academy is about introducing people to our company culture. Google recently announced that after many years and millions of dollars spent they discovered that the most successful teams had nothing in common. They didn’t have the same backgrounds, the same abilities, the same gender balance or the same personality types, instead what they had which made them work so well were so called ‘group norms’. This means that they had behaviours within the group which helped all of the individuals to prosper. No matter how skilled the individual, they were only successful when they were within a group that supported them. This has always been Access Point’s philosophy, accepting all different types of people, characters and skill sets and bringing them together, letting them work freely with each other, fill in for each other and teach each other until we are all more successful and knowledgeable for it.


If we’re successful, then when the academy intake graduate, they will be greater than the sum of their abilities. They will be another team joining the family and continuing to learn and progress from us, as we will learn and progress from them.


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