What are the best things about our Sales Academy? Marc tells all...

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What are the best things about our Sales Academy? Marc tells all…


With our newest AP trainees entering their third week in the sales academy, we’ve asked our inaugural graduate, Marc, to give us an insight into how it feels to be a fully-fledged member of team AP and his role throughout the third sales academy.




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How do you think the academy has progressed since its inception?


I think because we are into our third academy now we are very comfortable with how it runs. The structure of the course is very good. I personally think that it has been an excellent course from day one. The differences from when I was on it to now have all come from feedback from people who have been on the course. I think there is a lot more interactive training for the systems we use which is a huge help when you get on to the sales floor.


2) How do you feel your career has developed as a result of your time in the first sales academy?


I think I have developed into a much more experienced sales person because of the academy. I think I have grown in confidence and have become much more assertive not only in my job but in everyday life too. I had little or no experience in sales and the sales academy helped me develop the skills Access Point saw in me. The great thing about the academy is that you don’t need experience in sales to be successful. The company along with Chris (the sales trainer) will help you develop into the ethical sales person you want to be.


3) What are your responsibilities with our current sales academy?


I am involved quite a bit in this sales academy. I am very keen to help the new guys as much as I can because I know the support I got from the team when I was in there has really helped with my development in the company. This time I will complete the system training. This involves teaching them how to use our CRM correctly and efficiently. I am also in the grad bays with them. This is when they are putting their training into practice in real life calls and I’m there to lend a helping hand to them if they need advice.


4) How has the sales academy developed over time?


I have been involved with all the academies in some way. I think the main difference I have seen is that the company involves in them a lot of things the sales team do. This time round we have got them involved in the sales meetings we have each week which gives them a good insight into how Access Point works on a day to day basis.


5) In your opinion, what are the strongest aspects of the sales academy?


I think the best thing about the sales academy is the support you get the whole way through it. Never during the whole academy were we left to work on our own. Even when you go on the phone for the first time you have the full support of Chris and some members of the sales team. The course is so in depth and there is a lot of information to take in but it is all done at a pace which suits everyone. If you were not sure of something Chris was more than happy to either go over it with the whole group or take you aside and work on the issue one to one. The support received by everyone who works here is fantastic.



6) What advice will you give to graduates as they leave the academy?


The main advice I would give to the academy is to work hard and stay positive. One of the main things I have learned from working with Access Point is the more you put in, the more you get out. It is a great company to work for and make sure you keep yourself motivated and you will get on well at Access Point.



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